Send a celebration flower

Here I will tell you how the stand flowers are decorated.
Stand flowers presented for opening and remodeling celebration will basically be decorated side by side in front of the shop. If the way in front of the shop is narrow, if you put it on the table, you may decorate it indoors if you become a troublesome passerby. Most of the stand flowers seen in the main street are decorated in stores.
Things presented as a celebration of concert venues and recital performances are often decorated side by side in the aisle until entering the venue. It is becoming easy to stay in the eyes of the audience. As most of concerts and presentations are ticketed, there is no need to catch the eyes of an indefinite number of people, as when opening celebrations. However, when the number of stand flowers that were awarded is too large to be aligned, it may be put together in the dressing room.

Since stand flowers are fresh flowers, it is not something you can decorate forever. It is generally said that the period to be arranged in front of the shop is about 2 to 3 days. It is a period of keeping lively beauty. Some shops may decorate them until they are stored indoors and withered, but in most cases it will be disposed of in a few days.
The stand flowers do not last much, and even if they contain water in the sponge with the flowers stuck, it will wear out over a week. As a store side, we can not keep the colors of dull flowers forever.
Some people say they can live in flower vases by pulling out only healthy flowers, but the more the number of stand flowers awarded, the more time and effort is required. I feel a little wasteful, but that is unavoidable. Regrettably, please divide here.

In the performance celebration such as the concert venue, there are so many cases decorated only on the day. Although it may be disposed of within that day, there is no need to regret it. The fact that you gave flowers and the feelings of celebration should remain in your heart. Besides, there are places where you disassemble the stand flowers you gave depending on the venue and make it a small bouquet. Flowers with a feeling of celebration thank you for changing appreciation and go to the hands of the audience. Whatever happens, the feelings of the sender will not be in vain.

Send a celebration flower

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